Press Release – EDGE GIS Web-Based Mapping Program

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Ashley County Assessor, Beth Rush is pleased to announce the release of the EDGE GIS Web-Based Mapping Program, used countywide, to the public for online use beginning October 1st. The Assessor in a joint effort with County Native, James Hartshorn of Monticello based company Eagle Forestry Service began presenting the web based software to County Officials, County Cities, and County School Districts in 2013.  Shortly after a presentation to the quorum court seeking approval of funding for this service, several Quorum Court members expressed interest in having online availability. Assessor Rush wanted to wait awhile before making the site public to have more county and city officials using the product before making it available for the public to view. “We’re now at the point to make the program available to the public.  We have most of the county parcels mapped that can be mapped.  We have a lot of old deeds that reference landmarks that no longer exist and can’t be mapped at this time.  Our County 911 Coordinator, Brandy Dye has been diligently working on countywide address points.  All of our county cities are using the service as well as both of our county school districts.  The system is real-time allowing anyone to see the latest updates by the county and cities.  There are over 60 different map layers in our system and growing.  Real Estate parcels, addresses, fire districts, cell towers, voting districts, flood zones are just a few examples of the information available.  The program includes 2015 aerial photography of the county and the original GLO Plats from when the County was created.  There are tools in the program to create bookmarks, conduct searches, find addresses, do drawings with measurements, find GPS points and print maps. “ This easy to use software is what the Assessor’s office uses to map and verify all deeds received before transferring to the new owner.   It has been a tremendous help in verifying and if necessary, requesting an error correction from deed preparer, eliminating the need for corrections found months or years later. This service joins existing online services provided by the Assessor’s Office for ease and convenience.  To view and use this new software, go to the Assessor’s website  The link is located on the first page under online services.  You may also reach it by entering in any search...

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ASHLEY COUNTY ASSESSOR BETH RUSH AWARDED TWO (2) PRESTIGIOUS LEVEL 4 DESIGNATIONS BY THE STATE OF ARKANSAS Hamburg, Arkansas July 26, 2016: Ashley County Assessor Beth Rush was recently presented with two (2) designations for advanced study in the field of property assessment by Bear Chaney, Director of the Arkansas Assessment Coordination Department in Little Rock. Rush was awarded the Level 4 designation as both a Senior Administrator and a Senior Appraiser. The Level 4 designations were awarded to Rush after she completed her course of study entailing a series of eight (8) courses in both assessment administration and property appraisal, along with accruing a minimum of two (2) years of assessment experience. Classes are developed by the International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO), and taught by instructors from around the nation. Each course consists of four (4) days of a rigorous and intense classroom experience with a three (3) hour written exam on the fifth day. Courses include but are not limited to: Fundamentals of Real Property Appraisal; Fundamentals of Mass Appraisal; Appraisal of Land; Income Approach to Valuation; Assessment Administration; and Assessment of Personal Property. The designee is then required to complete 30 hours of continuing education over each successive three (3) year period to maintain the designation. Rush was elected as Ashley County Assessor in 2012. In addition to her duties as Assessor, Rush is a member of the Arkansas Assessor’s Association and was recently elected as a District 4 Board Member for the Association. She was recently appointed to the Arkansas GIS Board for a 4-year term by Governor Asa Hutchison, and is also a member of the Arkansas Association of Counties, IAAO, IAAO-Arkansas Chapter, and Kiwanis Club where she served as President...

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Ringing Salvation Army Bell

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Ringing Salvation Army Bell at Jades in Hamburg, December 18th. Thanks to all who made a donation for such a worthy cause.

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Congratulations to Deputy Assessor Rhonda Parker

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Congratulations to Deputy Assessor Rhonda Parker on her completion of IAAO 101 – Fundamentals of Real Property Appraisal and IAAO 102 – Income Approach to Valuation. Each class consists of 4 days of intense classroom time with a test given… on 5th day. Each student must score a minimum score of 70 percent to proceed to the next class. Rhonda will be attending 2 more classes this fall. With successful completion she will receive her certification as a Level 4 Appraiser. Please join me in congratulating her and wishing her much...

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